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This software is Awesome! I was very skeptical especially about having to for over 3990 per year on my credit card.

I wanted to have my inheritance start making something more than the .5% it was earning in the bank. I started on May 6th 2013 In Simulation Mode on a Dow 30 method they helped me get it going over the phone and it was very easy to do. After about 3 weeks I started trading 11k and to date my account is now at approximately 15,350.00. Don't get me wrong It is slow in going, meaning the trades are infrequent and I wanted a quick rise but am overall VERY pleased with my results averaging almost 40% so far.

This system is so easy to use especially with the customer service they have, I just referred a friend as well who is starting soon. I look forward to using this for many years.

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I haven't used cool trades however i can attest to the fact that among financial professional cool trades is respected and used by brokerage firms and investment firms including the one I'm a purchasing partner for. So again do your homework, but, it seems that legit financial firms wouldn't risk their reputations if cool trades was some sort of scam

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